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4 Kinky - Coily
Curl Cream

  • Defines natural curl pattern *Helps eliminate shrinkage
  • *Moisturizes and revives shine *Great for twists & coil outs

Product Details

Afro Stretch™ is custom designed for Coarse, Kinky, and Coily textures. This product helps loosen up and elongates tight, unruly coils without weight or residue. Afro Stretch™ luxuriously moisturizes and restores natural curls. This formula includes essential nutrients to enhance shine. Afro Stretch™ is also perfect for curl set and other twist techniques


6 responses to “Afro Stretch™ Cream”

  1. zphiblady says:

    I ended a year long transition about 3 weeks ago. Since then i’ve been wondering if i’d made a mistake until i ran across this product. I have farthest end of the scale 4C hair. I’ve always had a moisture problem and everthing I had tried so far wasn’t working as well as I thought it should. Last night I decided to wash my hair and try nothing but the strectch cream detaingling with my denman brush and plaiting my hair in medium sized plaits. Today I find myself constantly touching my hair not believing how soft and moist it feels. I guess now i’m going to have to try some of the other products in the lineup. The stretch cream is a keeper for me.

  2. misscooks says:

    I really like this product. I’ve tried everything including Miss Jessies products and none of them have done what they say that they do. The Afro stretch cream is great for 4 type hair because it moisturizes and stretches my tightly coiled hair. The only draw back of this product is that over a few days my hair is greasy but other than that I love the product and will continue to use it.

  3. gtyse58 says:

    I just started to use the afro strectch product and like the results. I wished I had found this product before getting my hair cut.
    It really does define your curl pattern. The only draw back for me at this point is that
    it does not stretch my ‘fro. (Don’t get me wrong I love my mini ‘fro I get a lot of positive comments). More than likely
    this is probably because of my particular curl pattern. I will continue to use the product as my hair grows out and comment again later. I recommend this product for anyone going through the transition from straight to natural. You don’t need to cut your hair if you use this product.

  4. Divagranny says:

    I have tried and tried to find a product that would give me the spiral definition, softness, no frizz, non greasy feel and hold from my twist out and here it is!!!!!!! this afro stretch cream is the golden globe winner hands down. It moisturizes and stretches just as it says, it also softnes… .I’m in love. A beautician friend got it for me to try from her distributor a few weeks ago and I can’t say enough about it. I have tried other products but they do not work as well as this.There were 5 items in the box but my interest was geared toward the stretch cream and I must say it did not dissapoint. I have true kunta kinte hair(4b/c kinky coily) and this cream has truly tamed the mane. My hope is that you do not try to improve on something that already works and once you improve it it no longer works as well. I will look for it in walmart….I am so excited to buy this product because it works so well for me. Thanks BB for this wonderful wonderful product I did not know it exsisted. And thanks for making it easily available.

  5. loveyourhairgal says:

    This is a copy and pasted review done by me on our page @Love Your Hair on FB.

    Ok so I tried this new product on my daughter, JoJo, for her 2 stand twists. It’s called 4Naturals Afro Stretch Curl Cream. The texture is creamy but when it dries on the hair, it feels more like a pomade, which I love! Her twists were so
    tight and shiny. I also love how they lay down. This product is so bomb and I’d use it over and over again. This company does something very neat. They have a Hair Type Chart and have products for each category. 1 Straight, 2 Wavy-Curly, 3 Curly-Kinky, and 4 Kinky-Coily. Of coursy, I, Evette am the number 4. So if you are having issues with braids and twists coming out frizzy, I’d say this product is the way to go to hold it in place. Thanks for reading :)

  6. mylisha says:

    Product is amazing really stretchs out your curls with no frizz and great moisture Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How to Use:

  • After conditioning with 4 Naturals™ Extra Moist™ Conditioner or Reconstructor,
  • Apply Curly Wave™ Serum section by section to wet hair.
  • Apply Afro Stretch™ Curl Cream to wet or dry hair section by section from the roots to the ends.
  • Air dry or twist hair.
  • Style as desired after hair is fully dry.

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